Mystery Bolt Photographs

The following photographs are a "mystery" as to whom the
person pictured may be.  They may, or may not be a Bolt
relative.  The purpose of posting the photo on this site is in the
hope that someone may see the photo and be able to identify
the person(s) and/or places pictured. The only requirement for 
submission is that the photo is currently in the possession of a Bolt 
relative or is known to be related to the Bolt family.
Please submit photos for posting to webmistress and include as much
info that is known about the photo or person. 

The young man pictured to the left MAY be Lucius Samuel Bolt Sr.
Two copies of this photo were found among the effects of his son, Joseph Earle Bolt.  Both copies are unlabeled.  Later photos of Lucius show him with a thick moustache and beard, making a facial identification rather difficult. 

Other possibilities may be that this is a photo of one of Lucius' sons, or a photo of his best friend, Will T. Parker, who was killed on February 14, 1880

Please contact us if you have any information regarding this photo.

"Mystery" Mill in Laurens County?

A copy of this photo was received from a native of Laurens County, South Carolina.  His ancestors have been living in Laurens County for over 200 years, so its most likely that this photo was taken at a mill within the county and that the lady and the child are kin to him.  They may be related to the Bolts, Fullers, Wallaces, or Abercrombies.

Please contact us if you have any information regarding this photo.

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